Frequently Asked Questions

1What are your term dates?

Marsden Swim School operates throughout the year, with a brief two-week hiatus during the Christmas / New Year period.

2Do you offer trial lessons?

Certainly! We provide a paid trial to assess your child's abilities and ensure proper placement in an appropriate class. We make every effort, based on the information provided, to ensure your child is placed in the correct trial level. Trial fees are waived upon signing up.

3How long is the duration of swimming lessons?

Both group and private lessons have a duration of 30 minutes.

4What is the duration of squad sessions?

All developmental, junior, and senior squad sessions are 1 hour long.

5How many children participate in a swimming lesson?

For group lessons, the maximum number of children is 5 (or 6 if parent-accompanied).

6What are the enrolment costs and how much does Marsden Swim School charge?

There is a one-time non-refundable enrolment fee of $55. Kindly refer to our rates for more details.

7How are fees paid?

Payment is accepted only through debit/credit cards via the customer portal.

8What is the notice period for lesson withdrawal?

Kindly provide a 4-weeks notice before the intended withdrawal date.

9What is your makeup lesson policy?

Students enrolled in Private / Group Classes  are entitled to a maximum of one makeup classes per term. If without Medical Certificate we require 24 hours notice before the commencement of your child or ward’s scheduled class that he/she will be unable to attend that class. Notice should be sent via email to admin@marsdenswimschool.com.

Please note that any make up classes accrued must be used within 30 days. Once a make up class is booked it must be attended and treated like a scheduled class, if it is missed a replacement will not be given. There will be no makeup classes scheduled until monthly invoices have been paid and all accounts are settled.

There will be no refund or set-off of fees for any make up class not attended, or make up class entitlement accrued but not used.

10How do I inform you if my child can't attend a lesson?

Please email admin@marsdenswimschool.com. Failure to notify us will be considered a no-show, and no makeup lesson will be offered.

11What if my child is ill for an extended period?

Please contact our team at admin@marsdenswimschool.com if your child is expected to be unable to swim for an extended duration.

12What is your rain / lightning policy?

Classes will proceed as per normal in sheltered pool area. Classes at covered locations (The Grandstand and The German European School) will proceed as scheduled.

13What if Marsden Swim School cancels a lesson in advance?

If Marsden Swim School cancels a lesson, we will arrange a makeup at a mutually agreeable time.

14At what age is it ideal to initiate baby swimming lessons?

Commencing as early as 4 months old offers significant advantages in a child's swimming journey. At this tender age, infants are exceptionally receptive to learning, absorbing skills and techniques rapidly. Initiating swimming early not only contributes to physical development but also fosters cognitive and emotional growth. Studies indicate that early exposure to swimming enhances overall performance, providing a valuable head start in acquiring this crucial life skill.

15What is the typical duration for a baby to acquire the ability to swim a brief distance?

There is no specified time frame as the individual progress of the child varies based on factors such as the child's unique learning pace, a consistant attendance in lesson and frequency of practice time at home with the parents.

16Is parental presence in the water mandatory during baby swimming sessions?

Is essential during infant and toddler classes. most effective swim instructor for their children. guiding them to teach their child confidently.  fostering a positive and enjoyable learning experience for both.

17What is the rationale behind requiring babies to wear swim diapers, even if they are already toilet trained?

Despite a baby's toilet training status, swim diapers are crucial to contain potential accidents, particularly in a new environment like a swimming pool. Swim diapers, properly sized based on your baby's measurements, prevent contamination of the pool water. This practice ensures a hygienic and clean environment for all participants at Marsden Swim School.

18How frequently are baby swimming lessons conducted, and what is the duration of each session?

Baby swimming lessons occur weekly, with each session spanning a duration of 30 minutes. This regular schedule provides a consistent and structured approach to your baby's swimming development.

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