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Marsden Swim School is the only tier-one / Gold Standard AUSTSWIM swimming school in Singapore, with over 20 years of experience providing swimming lessons for all ages.

All of our swimming coaches hold an internationally recognised swim teacher certification, while coaches for junior, senior, and adult squads are members of Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA) and Singapore national accreditations in NROC (National Registry of Coaches).

The only swimming school in Singapore that meets the Gold Standard AUSTSWIM*

Delighting Parents with Quality Swim Education

Li Fang Tan
Li Fang Tan
Both my kids attend swimming classes at Marsden, and the people there have been nothing but accommodating. They enjoy the classes, and the coaches have been encouraging.
Michael Michael
Michael Michael
Our 3yo toddler's journey with Marsden swim school was a fantastic one. Every step of the way, there were detailed instructions provided by the excellent admin staff (Thippa) and head (Arnaud) for the registration of trial class and booking/payment of subsequent classes so it was easy for us to plan our schedules. The Marsden admin team was also super responsive for issuance of vouchers for rescheduling of makeup classes through their single common mailbox and you can easily reschedule online. Super useful since as parents with young toddlers, our schedules can be messed up lol. More importantly, the actual swim lessons (by Coach Vanessa) were handled professionally and in a fun manner that my toddler didn't want to leave every time. Our toddler also overcame her 2 years of irritation with water pouring down her head during showers after the water acclimatisation done by Coach Vanessa at every class and could now stay under water for 5 secs. All these happened over the course of around 5-6 classes. We are very happy with the coaches and staff at Marsden and look forward to our toddler's levelling up at future swim classes
Marc Ayden
Marc Ayden
Made the right choice to send my 3 year old daughter to Marsden Swim School at the Jalan Jurong Kechil outlet. She has been predominantly been trained by Coach Chester who has been nothing short of professional, interactive, and engaging - highly important attributes for kids her age. Her other coaches for make up classes included coach Anault, coach Song, and coach Brandon, all of which has made her feel comfortable and confident in the pool. My daughter has been looking forward to every class since she started off with the trial. For prospective parents, the facilities here are great. The pool is heated and the water is not chlorinated but filtered and treated in another way, which is great for kids with sensitive skin and lungs. Showering facilities are on the second floor which would definitely need parent accompaniment but has railings to prevent any major accidents. Showers are heated and more than adequate after each class. Group classes are a decent size, not over crowded in any form or way. In fact, there are times when my daughter has the personal attention for classes at odd timings (near lunchtimes). Lastly, having the portal is super convenient for us to book classes and make payment. More importantly, we are able to track her progress accordingly as well through their cute classification of starfish, turtles, stingrays and more. All in all, highly recommend any parents with kids starting from as early as 4 months old but even for older kids, it's never too late to start too! Marsden definitely sets the standard for nurturing a good foundation for your child.
thivya asokan
thivya asokan
Marsden has been the swim school of choice for both my kids (infant and toddler). Their parent accompanied lessons are well-paced and allow room and space for meltdowns or bad days (very impt for unpredictable kids). Coach Arnaud always explains the whys and hows of different routines practiced in class, making it as much of a lesson for the parents. Well worth the time and fees, given that swimming is a lifeskill and an easy family bonding activity!
Li Jen Lee
Li Jen Lee
Booted all 3 kids to swim class after 2 of them almost drowned in a shallow play pool. My eldest son loved attending class and progressed very rapidly in water confidence under the experienced and patient guidance of Coach Nadyn. The younger two girls greatly benefitted from Coach Arnaud’s expertise and every class was fun and engaging, with activities customised to their needs (and tantrums!). We could not be happier with the results and overall experience.
Kelvin Zhou
Kelvin Zhou
I send both of my kids here for swimming since they were < 1 year old. The coaches and staff are friendly and patient. My kids are now super confident in swimming and good at it; way better than their peers. I have only positive words for all things associated to Marsden Swim School.

Swim Classes for Every Age Group

From fun water exploration for the little ones to specialised techniques for teens and adults, our swim classes are tailored by our expert instructors to cater to different ages.

Infant and Toddler Swim Class

0 to 4 years old

Kid Swim Class

4 - 8 years old

Preteen Swim Class

9 - 13 years old

Adult Swim Class

Above 13 years old

Indoor Heated Swimming Pools

Our swimming pools are sheltered indoors and heated, equipped with cutting-edge water sanitization and filtration systems to ensure the comfort, cleanliness, and safety of our swimmers.
Indoor Heated Swimming Pools
Redefining Quality Swim Education

Redefining Quality Swim Education

Our small class sizes guarantee personalised attention, ensuring each swimmer not only relishes every session but also nurtures essential life skills and fosters a profound love for the water.

Marsden Swim School

Our Programs

Infants & toddlers

Our infant swimming program offers an aquatic experience for kids aged 4 months to 4 years, fostering awareness and nurturing their natural comfort in the water.

Learn to swim

With a maximum of five swimmers per class, this program ensures a personalised approach to familiarising students with fundamental water movements and proper swimming techniques.

Stroke development

Tailored for both casual and competitive swimmers, this program enhances students' proficiency in executing competitive strokes.

Swim squads

Categorised into the Junior Squad and Senior Squad, our swim squads participate in team training sessions with enjoyable and challenging exercises to refine technique, improve endurance and prepare for competitions.

Explore Our Locations

The Grandstand, Sixth Avenue

Jalan Jurong Kechil, Bukit Timah

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Frequently Asked Questions

1At what age is it ideal to initiate baby swimming lessons?

Commencing as early as 4 months old offers significant advantages in a child's swimming journey. At this tender age, infants are exceptionally receptive to learning, absorbing skills and techniques rapidly. Initiating swimming early not only contributes to physical development but also fosters cognitive and emotional growth. Studies indicate that early exposure to swimming enhances overall performance, providing a valuable head start in acquiring this crucial life skill.

2What is the typical duration for a baby to acquire the ability to swim a brief distance?

The average timeframe for a baby to learn to swim a brief distance is around 3 to 4 terms. Nevertheless, individual progress may vary based on factors such as the baby's unique learning pace and consistent attendance in lessons.

3Is parental presence in the water mandatory during baby swimming sessions?

Indeed, parental participation is essential during baby swimming classes. We firmly believe that parents serve as the most effective swim instructors for their babies. Our coaches collaborate closely with parents, guiding them to teach their infants confidently, fostering a positive and enjoyable learning experience for both parent and baby.

4What is the rationale behind requiring babies to wear swim diapers, even if they are already toilet trained?

Despite a baby's toilet training status, swim diapers are crucial to contain potential accidents, particularly in a new environment like a swimming pool. Swim diapers, properly sized based on your baby's measurements, prevent contamination of the pool water. This practice ensures a hygienic and clean environment for all participants at Marsden Swim School.

5How frequently are baby swimming lessons conducted, and what is the duration of each session?

Baby swimming lessons occur weekly, with each session spanning a duration of 30 minutes. This regular schedule provides a consistent and structured approach to your baby's swimming development.

6What are the enrolment costs and how much does Marsden Swim School charge?

There is a one-time non-refundable enrolment fee of $54. Kindly refer to our rates for more details.

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