Swimming Teacher Course

Are you interested in becoming a swimming teacher?

Our swimming teacher course is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to teach students how to swim in a safe and enjoyable manner.

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Enjoy a 25% discount for our first course at $1,500 (U.P. $2,000)

As an esteemed AUSTSWIM Gold recognised school with over 20 years of experience in Singapore, all of our swimming coaches are certified with AUSTSWIM.

Through our swimming teacher course that combines theory and practical lessons, you will learn how to teach different swimming techniques, the structure of a swim school, role of a swimming teacher, teaching styles and more.

Our expert instructors will guide you through the process, emphasising the importance of maintaining a nurturing and supportive environment. By completing this course, you will be equipped with the expertise and confidence to teach students how to swim and foster a lifelong love for the water.

Master the art of teaching swimming

In the classroom, you will learn about

• Structure of a swim school
• Role of a swimming teacher
• Lesson planning
• Teaching styles
• Specifities of age groups
• Class management
• Teaching a beginner
• Teaching Freestyle
• Teaching Backstroke
• Teaching Breaststroke
• Teaching Butterfly
• Best Drills for each level

In the pool, you will learn about

• The best way to start a class
• The best way to conduct a class
• What equipment to use
• How to adapt for different levels
• How to effectively control a class
• How to ensure safety in a class
• How to assess a class
• How to swim Freestyle / Backstroke
• How to swim Breaststroke / Butterfly

Join a legacy of successful swimming instructors

Two instructors with a combined 30 years experience

International recognised certification

15 live sessions

A mix of theoretical and practical lessons

19 modules such as class management, stroke technique, water safety and more

Heated pool for training in the water

Course Details

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6015 0637

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Enjoy a 25% discount for our first course at $1,500 (U.P. $2,000)