Terms and Conditions


Our teachers/coaches include Sam Jackson, Arnaud Denfert, Andy Foster, Shanna Mahmood, Damian Goh, Jan Darmovzal, Amy Burgess and Lek Yun Yi (Yun Yi) who teach/coach at the Queenstown Swimming Complex, Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex, Canadian International School (Lakeside) and/or The Grandstand (Turf City).

All our instructors are certified by AUSTSWIM, the leading Australian body that provides comprehensive swimming teacher education (Marsden Swim School is Singapore’s only Tier One AUSTSWIM centre). They are qualified to teach infant and adult water familiarisation, water safety, learn-to-swim, stroke development and competitive stroke classes. Most are also qualified to teach people with special needs. Most of our instructors are university-educated.

Jane and Jason Marsden and Gillian Couzens are also ASCTA (Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association) and NCAP (National Coaches Accreditation Program of Singapore) coaches, requirements for coaching squads.


Apart from Sam Jackson, office administration is done by Anne Greetham and Janet Wallace. If you wish to check the class schedule, need to call in sick or have questions about payment, speak to them on 9665 0328 (The Grandstand/Turf City) or 9186 2873 (other venues) OR LEAVE A MESSAGE ON THE VOICE MAIL OR SEND AN EMAIL (swim@marsdenswimschool.com).


Safety is the highest priority in any aquatic activity. No swimming class can “drown-proof” a child or non-swimming adult, but it can increase their ability to assess and avoid potential aquatic dangers (for example through the use of safe entries) and develop a realistic understanding of their swimming ability. The three initial skills beginners must acquire are water familiarisation (which can take several months), buoyancy and mobility. Emphasising strengths in a fun, non-intimidating atmosphere is vital to building self-confidence in the water. Whenever possible, students should also swim at least once or twice outside class times to reinforce skills. Please talk to us if you have queries or concerns, wish to change times or instructors, or have suggestions!


Certificates of profciency, based on levels recognised by AUSTSWIM, are presented twice a year to students in our half-hour classes. Minisquad and squad swimmers receive certificates of achievement.


There are a maximum of six students per group class, with an average of three to four, depending on student age and ability. Individual classes can also be arranged (especially during the holidays when our schedule is less busy) if a student requires extra tuition or special help.


If your child is unable to swim independently, regardless of his/her age, you will need to be in the water with them during group classes. Please bring your swimming costume! If you do not wish to get in the water with your child, you may wish to book individual lessons so they can be supported by the instructor.


At The Grandstand (Turf City), there are hot showers; the toilets are a short walk inside the shopping complex. The Australian International School has hot showers, toilets and change facilities, plus an adjacent covered playground. Queenstown Swimming Complex and Ang Mo Kio Complex have showers and toilets. The Canadian International School (Lakeside) has showers and toilets.


In compliance with National Environment Authority regulations, the quality of our pool water is regularly checked and one of our primary concerns. To help us keep our water hygienic, all children under three must wear disposable or permanent swimming diapers/nappies (such as Huggies “Little Swimmers”, which can be bought at Cold Storage and NTUC supermarkets). If you cannot find them, we can sell you diapers for S$2 each. Adults and older children are also encouraged to wear swimming caps and/or tie their hair back to stop excessive hair in the pool which taxes the filtration system. Please do not bring your child to swim class if they are running a fever, have diarrhoea, or are otherwise unwell. We do conduct random temperature checks to ensure our swimmers are not running a fever.